‘THE GIFTED’ S1 EP. 7 “eXtreme measures” Recap/Review

Yet another episode goes by and my mind continues to wonder as to how this show has such low ratings. The show is one of the best out there, yet no one appears to care to watch it. Maybe Season 2 will get more viewership if it takes off on any given streaming service. The reason I bring this up is due to that, yet again, ‘The Gifted’ delivers a solid outing.


Let me get something out of the way first, every week I mention how the production value and visual effects for the show are great, so from now on this won’t be mentioned again. Don’t get me wrong, I love these things, but seeing them each week is now a given fact at this point, so the need to keep mentioning it is not present anymore. Moving on, this weeks episode focuses on Eclipse, as his past comes to haunt him. I say focuses and not features because this is the only plot line the show gave importance (or at least the only one that was good).

I am still not feeling the whole Blink/ Thunderbird dilema. It really gets to a point where it feels like a drag and just not worth seeing. The whole “finding this special place I keep seeing” didn’t work well, and it delivered nothing basically. It was unnecessary and if it weren’t for the complete package the show offers, it would have made the episode stumble and crash.

Another thing seen in the episode was how Reed found out that Lauren’s (let’s say boyfriend) boyfriend has a criminal record. I enjoyed how this played out, even though I could see why this would throw some people off. It was basically a dramatic thing, as this is the basic “Daddy/Daughter” plot with a different twist, all due to the circumstances they are in.


The main focus was Marcos, as he re-payed a debt he had with Carmen. This was a really good focus point since it gave us some more insight into Eclipse’s past. Eclipse has become my favorite character, and learning more about him just adds more to that favoritism.

Other than a few easter eggs sprinkled around like always, (Trask Industries was a HUGE one) the episode didn’t offer as much in the action department as other episodes have had. This is ok with me since the characters are well developed and you genuinely care about them (except Blink and Thunderbird at this point).

In the end, ‘eXtreme measures’ was a good episode that was relinquished the title of a great episode due to some bad subplots that are going on. Since the episode relied on this heavily, it detracts from the overall experience.

GRADE: 7.5/10

‘The Gifted’ airs Mondays on FOX at 8/7 ET


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