The Infinity Stones Are Being Reinvented in Marvel Comics

This week, Gerry Duggan’s run on Guardians of the Galaxy continued it’s ‘INFINITY QUEST’ story line with issue no. 147, and while we got some exciting developments such as Star Lord and Rich Rider Nova reuniting at long last, we also got an update on the status quo of the Infinity Stones, giving us exciting new revelations on where they are and how exactly they have changed following 2015’s Secret Wars. With the new developments in this issue, IGN manages to speak to writer Gerry Duggan to get an explanation about what is going on with the Infinity Stones. Spoiler warning for Guardians of the Galaxy #147

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Star-Lord and Nova spent the majority of this issue investigating a supposed rogue Nova Corps base, only to discover that the Nova on this abandoned Planet have been safeguarding something very important, with fear of sharing it with anyone due to the potential risk of rogue/corrupt Nova Corpsmen exposing it. What exactly were they guarding?


An Infinity stone the size of a building.

While the Infinity Stones were originally destroyed in the New Avengers comic way back in 2014, the 2015 Marvel Comics event in 2015 titled Secret Wars essentially reset the Marvel Universe. With that, the Infinity Stones went missing, and have been the subject of Duggan’s run on Guardians of the Galaxy, with the team in a desperate search to gather the Infinity Stones before someone more sinister does. One of the more interesting aspects to this is how they are no longer called gems, but now referred to as stones just like in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Duggan had this to say on these newly designed Infinity Stones:

“The universe has been reordered after Secret Wars. There’s no reason that we would see the Stones as they once were. So the Power Stone is uncompressed information right now, and whether or not it could be compressed into something more manageable, is something we’ll have to wait and see,”

Duggan revealed in his interview with IGN that the stones have not been carved into gems yet and are at their “Factory Settings” in their current state. This opens up the possibility to telling all sorts of new stories with these raw infinity stones, and Duggan seems very excited about this possibility

“The Power Stone is the first example of the high shelf that these stones have been put on, seemingly out of reach of even Cosmic Elder hands. The Reality Stone might not be in this reality, and the Time Stone may be not in our particular timeline right now. And so, there is a real sense that, in order to gather them, you would have to do some really heavy lifting. That is, in and of itself, gonna be a blast to be able to show everyone, to reveal where that stuff is. I don’t necessarily want to go too into where they are, but in the next year, all will be revealed pretty quickly,”

Other than the power Stone, just one other infinity stone has been found, and that was the space stone by the newly resurrected Wolverine towards the end of Marvel Legacy #1, stopping Loki’s minions from taking it for himself. How Wolverine will play into this search for the Stones by the Guardians remains to be seen.

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IGN also discussed the return of the newly resurrected Adam Warlock, and how he will play into the quest for the Infinity Stone, as well as the story arc that he intends to give Adam Warlock, as well as a tease of his mission and possible opposition:

He’s returning from the Soul Stone, and with having had a great vision of a calamitous future, that he’s going to hope to prevent. Adam Warlock represents the pinnacle of human achievement. For a long time, he was a messiah figure, especially almost Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat inspired, when he was on Counter-Earth. So, I’m looking at him a little bit like our greatest scientific achievement. He’s born of science, and we’re going to ask, well, where did he get a soul, and whose soul is it? It’s his soul, it belongs to him, but what are the costs of that? And he’s going to be coming to save the day, but he may be opposed by people that would think that this is not the way that we need to save the future,”

IGN closed out the interview with Duggan giving a tease of what would come to the Guardians in the near future, and specifically said that things won’t be looking very good for them by the time issue #150 rolls around. Here is what he had to say:

By the time you get to #150, you will have heard, in the comics, the phrase ‘Infinity’s End.’ And that will be what Warlock is trying to prevent. Infinity’s End. And we’ll see whether or not he’s successful. And who might oppose him in that is a very fun thing to contemplate.”

‘Infinity’s End’ is certainly an interesting title for whatever comes next for the Guardians, and it will be fun to see where the next Infninty Stone will pop up next, as well as their impact on the rest of the Marvel Universe as a whole. – Ernesto Valenzuela

Source – IGN

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