Batman #35 Review (SPOILERS)

This week in the life of Batman, former lover Talia al Ghul fights his fiancée Catwoman. The final chapter of this three part-story arc once again brings in the fun and action like the previous installments. While Dick and Damian contemplate about what’s going on with Bruce, Catwoman is out to clear her name and Talia is standing in her way. Fans will be talking about this tissue for a while, and you’ll know why once you read it.



The ultimate cat fight ensues. A good chunk of this issue is the battle of wits and skill between the Demon’s Daughter and Selina Kyle. It’s fun to read and look at, the battle itself is closer than I thought it would be. The dialogue between them is also pretty fantastic, blending some humor and dark themes well. Talia is testing Selina to see if she’s worthy, and she not only proves it, but shows it’s not about being worthy.

Catwoman really shined here and I’m seriously happy how big of a role she played here. She has some seriously great lines here, and it’s all sewed into her personality. Tom King doesn’t miss a beat when writing her, and I don’t see him failing anytime soon. She’s a bit of a criminal yes, but you can’t deny how she’s pretty much one of the best things to happen to Batman. The romantic aspect to this series may sound slightly cheesy on paper, yet it really works with the duo.


Another part of this issue that had me in stitches at some points is the conversation between Damian Wayne and Dick Grayson. Their banter works marvelously here, it honestly make me want a Dick/Damian team up series soon after this.  Damian being worried about his father made it genuine and even better.

The issue isn’t perfect of course, there are a few moments when the fight feels like it’s being stretched beyond its purpose. Although most of it is very entertaining, by the end it was getting slightly repetitive. The Batman trying to find happiness part was a bit weird to me, not exactly sure why but it just was. I think it’s because it felt a bit too cheesy or over the top, or perhaps I just never imagined him being like that. Although it wasn’t a big deal, it still brought the otherwise great issue down for me a bit.

In Conclusion:

This was a blast to read, start to finish. It may have some problems, but King really brought in the fun with the short story arc. The tone is noticeably lighter than the rest of the series, even with a very serious subject matter. It’s works great, and the last issue didn’t disappoint. Overall, I’m very pleased with how it all turned out, and I can’t wait for more.

Rating: 8.5/10 Great

– Marcos Melendez


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