Rumor: A New Smash Bros Game Could Be In The Works!

According the fan news website GoNintendo, Nintendo has filed for several trademarks related to big Nintendo titles. Conspicuously nestled amongst the trademarks acquired is one relating to the hit party game Super Smash Bros.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a Dreamcast for the past 18 years (or never had friends who were assholes about being better than you at games), you have probably played or at least heard about some incarnation of the Super Smash Bros franchise. Since the game’s initial release in 1999 it has been the bragging rights trophy giving, couch competitive game to play. Every iteration of the franchise has been met with critical and audience acclaim for it fast action, all out brawl style of multiplayer gameplay, and wide cast of playable characters cherry picked from mostly other Nintendo titles.

Nintendo trademarking an image related to their own franchise isn’t anything out of the ordinary, and doesn’t necessarily point to anything conclusive… However, considering it has already been three years since the last title in series, and considering the popularity of the franchise and the fact that Nintendo has a new generation console to sell games on, we could very well be seeing a Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros game coming very soon.

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