ARMIE HAMMER Reflects On Almost Playing Batman In Canceled JUSTICE LEAGUE Movie

Batman has been portrayed by multiple actors throughout the decades. One adaptation we did not get to see was Armie Hammer playing the caped crusader. He was originally cast to play Batman in the George Miller directed ‘Justice League Mortal’ which never made it to the big screen.

Armie is on a press tour to promote his new movie ‘Call Me by Your Name’ and whilst on this tour he talked a little bit about how glad he is that his portrayal never made it to to theaters. At the time, he was a 19 year old somewhat new in the industry that is Hollywood. Hammer then went on to state:

As a 31-year-old who’s been through a lot since I was 19, I wouldn’t want to watch a 19-year-old Batman. I’d be like, ‘Who’s this spoiled rich kid who wants to play dress-up?’

He has a great point. A 19 year old playing Batman in the Justice League doesn’t sound too appealing, and he knew that as well. Armie talked more on it by saying how he feels as if he lacked the experience. His filmography has grown over the years but at the time, he didn’t have much under his belt, or should I say, utility belt. Hammer also stated:

I used to be upset we didn’t get to do it, but everything happens exactly as it’s supposed to. I still have a lot of learning to do about this, and it’s a constant pursuit for me. If I had been that successful right out of the gate, I would have thought I already understood it all. I know that I wouldn’t have turned in a great performance, or even a good performance — it would have just been whatever. So I’m glad.

henry and armie.jpg

That being said, it would still be cool to see Armie play a superhero now. He’s certainly proved that he has great chemistry with our Superman, Henry Cavill in the film ‘The Man from U.N.C.L.E.’. All we can do is cross our fingers and hope for the best. Maybe we’ll see Hammer as our Hal Jordan someday.

What’re your thoughts on Armie Hammer playing a superhero in the DCEU or MCU? Do you wish they would’ve gone through with the movie? Let us know over at SuperBroMovies!

– JB Baker

Source – Cinema Blend

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