STAN LEE To Appear In ‘BIG HERO 6’ TV Series

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Stan Lee, the godfather of Marvel Comics and the King of the Cameo, will continue his long string of appearances in Marvel properties with his presence in the sequel series to the critically acclaimed Big Hero 6. 

Stan Lee previously appeared during the end-credits scene for the film as the father of Fred, the comic-book fan who is also team mascot at San Fransokyo Institute of Technology.

The executive producer of “Big Hero 6 The Series,” Mark McCorkle, confirmed that Stan Lee is involved with the making of the series and was sure to pass along the feelings of intimidation from the cast and crew.

“We were really intimidated, because we sort of created a back story for what his character was in the movie,” McCorkle said. “(He’s) kind of a ’70s superhero. He was great with it. He’s just fantastic to work with and has a ball doing it.”

Lee’s character will be appearing in multiple episodes as well as serving as a mentor to the entire squad of young heroes. One has to believe his relationship with Fred will be explored due to the nature of him never being around for Fred during the events of the original film.

“He’s someone they can go to where if they have some sort of unsolvable problem, because they have not dealt with this superhero circumstance before, he’s a fantastic resource. He’s also amazingly funny. We use him as a great little secret weapon of entertainment. Also he’s a secret weapon of knowledge. He can help steer the team in a way and help them learn from their experience and then also inject this fun humor into.”

Source: Den of Geek

Big Hero 6 The Series will debut Monday, November 20th at 8:00PM EST on Disney XD and Disney Channel.



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