‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Mid-Season Finale Review

After the stellar standalone, time-loop episode, Discovery went full throttle into it’s mid-season finale or as the showrunners are calling it, the end of Chapter 1. The crew of the Discovery attempted to use a planet-sized beacon as sonar to feel out where the lead Klingon ship was. But this backfired, only luring the invisible Sarcophagus into the planets orbit where the Discovery lay. Under pressure, the crew has to come up with another plan that allow them to be able to see their enemy in battle. The season so far has focused heavily on the spore drive and that trend continues in this finale. Captain Lorca pressures Stamets, who is now the genetic stand in for the Ripper, to standby while the ship makes 133 jumps around the Klingon vessel in quick succession. The aim, to map out the ship with photometry using the jumps and scanners. Stamets’ partner, Dr. Culber, urges him to not participate as his previous exposure has changed the chemistry of his brain matter.


The second part of the plan is to beam Burnham and Tyler aboard as soon as the Klingon vessel enters the near space, where they will plant sensors to transmit back the information from the quick jumps so the Discovery can render the invisibility useless. This is where the heart of the episode is. Burnham finds herself back on the ship from the pilot episode, with the new commander of the Klingon tribes. He even has the late Captain Georgiou’s Star Fleet lapel as a toothpick. Burnham takes Ash Tyler along with her, but he is quickly paralyzed with fear when he sees his former captor/torturer/… L’Rell. Michael has to move on with the mission herself. She exposes her position to stall the Klingon’s from warping out of the near space. Her shipmates only need a few more minutes to finish their scan through small jumps.


Michael is able to stand toe to toe with the leader. But just as he got advantage, she grabbed Georgiou’s pin and jumped off the captain’s balcony. As she was falling, the Discovery beamed her back aboard. Just then, they let out a salvo of shots and blew up the Sarcophagus. The mission is a success with everyone returning alive and even rescuing Admiral Cornwell. This will pose an intriguing crewmate for Lorca, as Cornwell wants to see him removed from duty for reckless behavior. Stamets is brought back to health quickly. Unfortunately, Lorca asks him for one last jump to get the crew safely home and out of this dangerous, far area of space. The doom foreshadows clearly as Stamets talks to his partner, Dr. Culber, about going to the opera when they get home.

There have been many theories about Captain Lorca’s shady background during the season. And his proclaiming that they’re “going home” only adds to these. During the one last jump, the Discovery goes haywire, lights and systems malfunction. Stamets collapses onto the floor, his eyes turning white as he says space babble. When things calm down a few seconds later, the people on the bridge have no idea where the Discovery is now. Could they have traveled to an alternate dimension? Lorca and Stamets talked about that possibility earlier. Could this be the Mirror Universe? Could this be a Voyager scenario? Where the crew is so far in uncharted space, on their own to make it back. Lorca would thrive here without any oversight and to make any decision he wants in light of keeping his crew alive. We will find out these answers next year. I hope the show is done with the Klingon War and spore drive storylines. I would like to see more classic Trek storylines involving new aliens and story concepts.


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