It is a dark time for gamers. Although the season pass has been destroyed, economic forces have driven EA back to the drawing board in an attempt to make money. This, alongside the new wave of micro-transactions has driven gamers to hide in their homes and not purchase the game.

Evading the dreaded EA micro-transactions, a group of freedom gamers led by common sense have established a new base in a website called ‘Reddit’.

The Evil Corporate Lord of EA, obsessed with finding these gamers for purchases, has deleted these micro transactions, but does the product live up to the hype, or will it live in the shadow of gaming infamy?

The Review:

I was in that group, the group of freedom fighters deciding whether to cancel their pre-order or not. I was REALLY close to doing it, the idea of having to play what is a week of working an actual job in order to play as some of the most iconic characters ever really didn’t appeal to me (nor it should have to anyone). But I didn’t, I decided that I was gonna give the game a chance, and when I heard they lowered the character unlock prices and temporarily removed the in-game purchases (Key word: temporarily ), I was locked into my decision of buying the game. After all that thought process and many hours of gameplay, I am happy to say that the purchase was well worth it.

I’ll be dividing this review into two parts: Single player and Multiplayer. Let’s start with the Single Player aspect:


I was pleasantly surprised with the campaign. I never thought it would succeed in immersing me as much as it did. Even though the story itself isn’t the most complex or an intricate work of storytelling, it was a really good one that kept me intrigued as to what was gonna develop next. It was amazing seeing how I felt I was being a part of an actual ‘Star Wars’ film, some moments being as good as to send chills down my spine. This all comes through thanks to how it’s laid out and executed throughout.

What makes the campaign excel in these moments is how it’s executed, from the score, all the way to character selection. The campaign varies with its playable characters. Even though Iden Versio is the protagonist, you still get to play with some of the most beloved characters from the franchise. The missions, although very simple, are great to play through. Beautiful graphics, fun gameplay, an iconic score, and just great source material to go off of, the campaign is a highlight of the game and worth the price of admission alone.

Some people may have a problem with the length of the campaign, but if it were to go any longer, the whole campaign would suffer. The only problem I saw with the campaign was that it could be very formulaic at times. Whether it be same objectives or repetitive stuff, such as protecting someone, it may get tiresome for some gamers.

Another single player aspect the game has to offer is its Arcade mode. It’s a series of what I call a “mock multiplayer” as it features what is the multiplayer formula, but with a challenge makeup on top of it. It’s a good “time waster” if you want to put it that way, but it’s nothing out of this world or horrible, it’s just okay. This is what single player offers for the most part, the campaign being the highlight, but what’s up with multiplayer? After all the controversy, does it live up to the hype?



For the most part, I was borderline disappointed with Battlefront II’s multiplayer. This comes basically because it’s the same as the past game, the changes being very minor. Don’t get me wrong I had great fun with the multiplayer, but its innovation is just minimal and leaves much to be desired.

In regards to the controversy of unlocking characters, I currently find myself with 25k credits and that’s with playing at the minimum to offer a proper review. I find the unlocks right now to be accessible, and you do get a sense of pride when you unlock one. I strongly believe that “In-Game” purchases are not necessary, and if the game to be left like it is right now, then it would be just fine, but that’s another argument on itself. A grind, sure, but not as stupidly long or unnecessary as was set before.

Final Thoughts:

In the end, ‘STAR WARS Battlefront II’ is a game that is surrounded by controversy, but in the end takes a big leap in improvement on some fronts that its predecessor failed. No major improvements or changes to the multiplayer and some repetitiveness in single player modes are the only things that detract from the overall package.

GRADE: 8/10

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