Telltale Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 3 – ‘Fractured Mask’ Review

Make sure to check out our reviews for Episode 1 and Episode 2 before reading the review!

Spoilers for the episode ahead!

As for episode twos lackluster performance within the series is concerned, episode three aims to correct that but still once again falls short in the now eight episodes of this Batman story. That being said, episode three is still a good episode, not providing the shocking twists and turns that are usually accompanied within an episode but it had its surprises.

The return of Catwoman is greatly appreciated, I loved her being apart of season 1 and with her coming back it just gives us a whole new angle of the series. John has been one of my favorite characters so far and he doesn’t disappoint this episode either, I love the approach the game is having with the second biggest character in Batman’s universe. There is even a little scene at a coffee shop where I feel that what we either told John or didn’t could impact how he acts and what he does when he fully turns into The Joker.

As for the rest of “The Pact” I can’t say much, Freeze just seems to be there and Bane’s sole purpose so far this season has been to just hate you, he literately hasn’t done anything besides mope around at the fact that you’ve joined them. And Harley Quinn, god I hate that she is leading the team, she’s not funny, clever or anything that makes her interesting besides the fact she is The Jokers girlfriend (who really isn’t even here yet) is that she trusts you. The Pact has little development as characters and I hope to see that changed.

With Amanda Waller and Commissioner Gordon fighting for what side they want you to be on, I’ve constantly sided with Waller, Jim has been unbearable in my opinion. He doesn’t trust Batman at all and goes against his words constantly nagging him leading me to pick the relationship with Waller barbecue she’s just more tolerable.

The biggest threat to the series that was a large part in episode two just as it is in three is that we are playing as criminal Bruce Wayne more than Batman. Of course we want to play as the billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne, but the big draw is that we get to play as Batman, that’s what the fans want is to play as their hero Batman. I assume with The Pact’s story ending soon we’ll be in the cowl and cape more often.

Overall this episode is fine but nothing to spectacular, I give it a 7/10. The game needs to give us some more character development if they want to improve on the season before it ends though.

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Episode 3 is out now on every console pick up the game today!

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