Mystick U #1

Mystick U #1
DC Comics

Written by: Alisa Kwitney
Art by: Mike Norton
Colors by: Jordie Bellaire

Mystic U has been on a long and uncertain path to release but its finally here with a giant-sized issue that is full fills the promise of giving us a very Harry Potter inspired and mystical DC story. Mystic U opens in the future as we find Zatanna and Rose desperately trying to save a world in the throes of its destruction. With one final spell, they change all of time and reality and seemingly delay the inevitable. But the spell also takes us into a distant past, when Zatanna is first discovering her powers and is sent to a school for other magical beings after her first attempt at using her powers has some hellish backlash.

When we first arrive at Mystic U you can help but be reminded of Hogwarts, but unfortunately, this school for the magical arts is less opulent and vibrant. Even though we have seen this premise before and done perfectly in the Harry Potter series, I am in love with the idea of a school for DC’s most powerful would be magicians. And while Mystic U certainly has its outrageous moments, I felt Alisa Kwitney and Mike Norton didn’t go far enough with some of the stories elements. Kwitney does a great job of setting up our main premise while also introducing our cast, building a larger plot and servicing an interesting B story all within the first issue. Kwitney’s pacing is excellent as each page had its purpose and we were never meandering around waiting for the next plot point to show up. like all good DC books focused on magic, Mystic U sets up a mystery that is again a bit cliche but intriguing none the less.

Mystic U #1 isn’t groundbreaking but so far it is fun, Mike Norton’s art is perfectly suited for this world as has always had a knack for drawing young characters and is able to go off the walls insane if the story calls for it, which with any hope Mystic U will. I do wish he spent a little more time on the setting though as I felt the school itself was rather mundane considering its inspirations. Our first issue of this long-awaited book certainly had its moments of magic and an entertaining opening trick but only time will tell if Mystic U will truly be able to amaze and astound.

Score: 7/10

Casey Walsh

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