The Flash #35 Review (SPOILERS)

35_mediumThe Flash #35
DC Comics

Written by: Michael Moreci & Joshua Williamson
Art by: Pop Mhan
Colors by: Ivan Plascencia
Letters by: Steve Wands

There’s a new speedster villain in town and she ain’t messing around. Someone who Flash once trusted has turned against him in a plot for revenge.



Meena is back as the Negative Flash after being revealed that she not only betrayed Barry Allen’s trust but did so to get revenge. We get a small into the moment she turned against Allen, right when she was plucked out of the speed force by the Black Hole organization. That’s the thing, it’s only a very small peek into what made Meena hate Allen all of the sudden. Two pages are used to show her stuck in the speed force and the very moment she decided to try to take Barry’s negative speed force powers. I believe more time should’ve been spent developing that part of her character, mainly because she’s such a big part of the story now.

This issue has a few other things that bothered but this one is what sticks out the most. It just felt rushed, especially since we just spent a whole issue thinking she remained good. Moving on from that, the rest of the issue is pretty good. The highlight being Wally and Barry working together as somewhat partners. Both had a close relationship with Meena, so it’s a smart way to make the two work together again.


Once Meena headed back to the black Hole headquarters, it’s clear that the Negative Speed force is affecting similarly to when Barry had it. That doesn’t stop her though, as she will do anything to complete their plan…whatever that it is. The god of lightning Raijin is introduced, and it seems like he has been behind of all this. His introduction is very brief and a bit awkward to be honest, as the moments comes in around the middle of the issue with little to no build up. The Black Hole being the villains once again is a good idea, but sometimes the story feels a bit rushed.

The issue ends on a cliffhanger, with Kristen possibly being murdered at Iron Heights. It feels like too much of a bait, as I don’t think someone who’s been pretty well developed recently would be killed off so soon. I have a very good feeling the next issue will reveal that Kristen only found the crime scene.

The art is pretty good, perhaps a bit inconsistent at points. Sometimes Meena looks slightly different from panel to panel compared to how The Flash and Wally are drawn. With that being said, the action is very fun to look at. Flash and Wally fighting together has rarely looked better than here. The good parts outweigh the inconsistent ones for me.

In Conclusion:

This week’s issue was fine. It had some good moments between characters, but the story sometimes feels inconsistent at times. Meena’s arc feels rushed for instance, even though I’m still holding out for some improvement soon as I really like the character. Kristen’s purpose as a side character hasn’t been shown yet, but I’m digging what they has been doing thus far. I just hope she doesn’t turn into another one of Flash’s romantic interests.

Rating: 7/10

– Marcos Melendez

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