‘THE FLASH’ S4 Ep7 “Therefore I Am” Recap/Review

This week on The Flash, Barry and the gang try to figure out what the shocking reveal for this season’s villain means. We get a small peak into DeVoe’s origin, something I have been waiting for since the start of the season. There’s a lot of digest here so follow along as I recap/review the season’s most serious episode so far.


We start up with a flashback featuring DeVoe and his wife, both are seemingly professors at a university. They both are very frustrated about their students’ lack of interest in what they’re teaching. Their little minds can’t contain the knowledge being taught, as DeVoe says better than me. They’re clearly in love, and the two actors pretty good on-screen chemistry.


We go back into the present with Barry and Joe confronting the couple. Both are heavily questioning villains, but Barry is especially skeptical. Although all seems ok with them, there is something to them beyond that. The Flash team leaves, it’s a pretty well directed scene, but the score really seals the deal. The score for the Flash is usually pretty solid, but it really shined a lot in this scene and the rest of the episode.

The team is still not convinced DeVoe is the bad guy, but Barry is insistent. Cut back to a flashback, it shows DeVoe having his new thinking device finished but in need of a power source. This is set during the time when Star Labs announced a new extremely potent power source,  just perfect for his device. It’s very convenient yes, but it’s not a necessarily bad way to tie this with other events that are well known to the viewer.

Right after that we get Barry visiting the university that DeVoe is employed at, asking questions to further the investigation. This small confrontation I believe will hopefully foreshadow that fact that this season the conflict between protagonist and antagonist will be mental not all physical. This is something I think the show needs, putting Barry front and center is where it succeeds the most.

Barry informs the team of his finding but they are extremely skeptical as all evidence leads to him being innocent. This part is not very believable in all honesty. They all know that DeVoe becomes one of Barry’s most formidable foes because last season someone came from the future mentioned him as so. It feels all to convenient once again, as it’s far more believable that a group of scientists would figure this out rather quickly.

Another flashback is a bit of a throwback to series’ pilot, with Harrison Wells speaking at the event to celebrate the launch. Barry and Iris run out, and we finally see what else occurred in that event. DeVeo’s wife asks Wells a question, spreading doubt of the possible threat his new invention could pose. Once Wells learns of their names, he recognizes them and says he’s a fan of their work. This was a smooth way of showing that Wells, who’s actually Eobard Thawne, already knew of him. I thought it was pretty well executed moment that calls back to a cool scene.

Image result for flash season 4 episode 7

Shortly afterwards, we get the scene where it all began. The DeVoe is willing to risk everything to power his helmet early instead of waiting. To do so he waits for the event that started it all to happen to put on his weird looking helmet. He nearly dies (of course), but he gets away “enlightened”. The scene is deadly serious and surprisingly very visually pleasing at times. From the cinematography to the visual effects, the scene comes together quite well.

The scene afterwards sort of dumbfounded me though. The DeVoes go to the police department, complaining about Barry being all up in their noses. Everybody thinks the same except Barry, when in all reality all he did was question him twice in very short instances. The writers were reaching a bit too far here, it didn’t throw me off too much but it’s pretty obvious. I get they are going for, it just seems like their is a better and smoother way to do it.

We are in the past once again, with DeVoe using his new found powers. He is able to answer any question as every answer is now in his brain, but an apparent overload of some sorts causing him to his body to react in all sorts of ways. We later find out, while Barry is breaking into their house, that he has a never before seen form of ALS. Which means he’ll start to get paralyzed soon after diagnosis, which explains the use of the wheelchair/floating chair.

Barry has grown a bit paranoid in the eyes of the team, and now the police has evidence of him breaking and entering the DeVoe household. Realistically he would be arrested and investigated immediately, he’s simply suspended instead. I know it’s because we can’t have our main character in jail all of the sudden, but to have him be caught red handed is a bit of a stretch. The scene when he directly confronts The Thinker is when things get very interesting as it’s quite clear he has calculated every move possible.

The scene is great and I really hope the rest of the episodes have similar confrontations based on intelligence and wit. Team Flash now know Barry was right all along and DeVoe is in fact the man they have been looking for. Too ad to this, Wally West finally makes his return from Blue Valley (a neat Easter egg).  Whether or not he’s back as a regular isn’t clear but I’m not sure how they will integrate him into the main plot.

Overall, it was a pretty entertaining and solid episode. It had some problems and story clichés, but overall was stronger than most of this season so far. It was also way more serious and a large change in tone, something I think the show has been needing since the premiere. The Flash/Thinker battle has been set up, now let’s see if it all pays off in the coming weeks/months.

Rating: 7/10

What did you guys think of the episode? Be sure to tweet at SuperBroMovies with your thoughts. – Marcos Melendez

The Flash is on The CW every Tuesday 8/7 c.

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