Batman Will Appear In ‘FLASHPOINT’, And More Updates On The Film

One of the most anticipated films on DC’s slate of upcoming movies is Ezra Miller’s solo film, Flashpoint. Only it’s also the film we know the least about. In Geoff Johns’ story Flashpoint completely changed the world of DC and rebooted the entire universe. It left many characters changed and relationships altered, so now the question is how will this work in the DCEU.

Geoff Johns the creator of the original comic who also has a lead creative role in the DC Extended Universe says the live-action film will explore new ground. Johns stated that the film will be able to explore many interesting elements of the DC universe. The most interesting of which is that Johns stated explicitly:

“There’s elements in it that we’re going to be playing into that we couldn’t do anywhere else. The scale of it, the Batman story of it all.”

Only he doesn’t state which Batman will be in it. Fans have wondered which Batman will star in the film as the comic line saw Bruce Wayne’s father, Thomas Wayne become Batman in the alternate Flashpoint universe. The fan favorite to star as the caped crusader is Jeffrey Dean Morgan who played Thomas Wayne in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. 

So knowing now that Batman is confirmed to star in the film helps to solidify the possible storyline of the film. Which is good to know considering Ezra Miller has not seen a script for the film. With many changes in director the film is still very uncertain but Miller had this to say:

 “The development of the project has been a little Barry Allen-like in its mercurial tendencies. But it looks more promising and more exciting than any of the other stages of development that we’ve been in.”

Hopefully we begin to see more and more updates on the film as time goes on. But you can be sure that we at SuperBroMovies will be the first to let you know! – Jacob Campbell

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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