Future DC Games to Expand On the DC Universe

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After the release of Batman: Arkham Knight its been unknown what WB Games will be doing in the future when it comes to games but looks like we might have gotten a clue to it. On a recent Facebook post WB Games Montreal posted a job posting looking for a technical director for future DC Games that will expand on the DC Universe.

After Arkham Knight there have been rumors on what the next DC game would be from a Superman game to another Batman with Damian Wayne to a Flash game. The posting doesn’t give any hint to which character they will be looking at but it looks like they will be going into new territory.

When it comes to expanding up on the DC Universe, Arkham Knight added the Arkham Knight as one of Jason Todd’s aliases. With looking to add more to the already establish we are probably looking at characters getting more added history or powers. Hopefully WB Games looks at lessen known characters and expand on their stories and bringing them into the main stream.

Are you excited for this? Which character from the DC Universe do you want WB Games to work on next and expand up on? Tweet us on Twitter @SBArcadeCorner with your thoughts. – Johnathan Brin

Source: WB Games Montreal’s Facebook

Batman: Arkham Knight is available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4


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