The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 6: “The King, the Widow, and Rick” Review

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Oh The Walking Dead how I miss the days when you were actually interesting. It’s back baby, boring old Walking Dead episodes are back! Once more I apologize for missing a review for last week as life has still been hectic and just begging to get back on track

Minor Spoilers Ahead!!!

This week we are treated a little less war and a lot more talking on The Walking Dead. With Negan and Father Gabriel, Rick and the group that for some reason forgot how to talk normal, Negan’s lieutenants, Carol and King Ezekiel, Carl and Siddiq, and finally Maggie and the people of Hilltop.

Wow just what we as fans have been begging for since last season, more talking, perfect. It’s not all terrible as we hear about Negan’s backstory as he’s trapped in the trailer. Negan helped kids, and had a wife who was sick. She died when the walkers first started to come to life. That’s  a condensed version of his story as fans of the comics know Negan also named something very special to him after his dead wife. While the make their way through the crowd of walkers inside this still doesn’t provide much action or fear as they wouldn’t dare kill Negan off that way.

I’m going to group Negan’s lieutenants and Carol and Ezekiel in the same sentence here. It was boring! Really the only importance was the lieutenants now believe one of them is a traitor.

Carl and Siddiq is a little interesting because we still don’t know about this guy, he could still be a spy like Rick thought he might have been. Maggie’s story still is boring as she just decided to imprison the Savior’s Jesus took capture of, and still no one has killed that dick that murdered Benjamin! Honestly this guys the worst back in the old days he wouldn’t have lasted two episodes. A shocker here was that she forced Gregory into the makeshift prison too.

Rick is where we get interesting. Remember last season when we first met the dumpster diving group? In the back of a shot there appeared to be a helicopter or something, most just blew it off as a mishap, but now we saw a helicopter appear above rick last night could they be controlling one? The worst part (besides the broken English) was the scene where the leader was only wearing an apron, it was terrible and just made me think her character was even weirder.

Most importantly Rick offered her an alliance and told her that his people knew he was there if he didn’t return. She told him no and he was hauled away. Only for us to later see him naked in a trailer, one that Jadis then marks with the letter “A” remember terminus? Could her group have been the one that attacked them? Maybe. For now we’ll just have to wait and tune into next weeks Walking Dead

As for this episode i give it a solid 6/10 and it’s only that high for the shock value of the helicopter and maybe the trash bandits maybe attacked terminus. let us know what you think by tweeting us at @SuperBroMovies. – Collin Stetzner


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