Wilson Bethel Joins ‘DAREDEVIL’ Season 3 In Pivotal Role

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The actor Wilson Bethel, from CW’s Heart of Dixie, has been cast in a pivotal role in season 3 of the Marvel Netflix series, Daredevil. The character who Bethel will be playing is currently unknown but the description has led to a large speculation of who it may be.

According to a report from Variety, Bethel’s character will be a FBI Agent who:

 “who will play a critical role in the conflict between Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk, better known as Daredevil and Kingpin respectively.

The description matches an earlier character description for Daredevil season 3 that leaked online. The description reads:

“28-35, 5’9-6’1, Open ethnicity. An athletic but socially awkward FBI Agent, needs structure and rules to suppress the darkness inside himself. Athletic with medium build, responsible and resourceful, hair trigger temper. SERIES REGULAR”

This has led many to conclude Bethel will be playing the Marvel villain, Sin-Eater. Which given the theory season 3 will delve into the classic Daredevil storyline, Born Again, Sin-Eater would be a perfect substitute for the forgettable vigilante who pretended to be Daredevil.


But as we get more information about Bethel’s character you can be sure we at SuperBroMovies will be the first to let you know! – Jacob Campbell

Source: Variety


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