The ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Chapter in the Arrowverse Crossover Will Create Tears Among Fans

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With Arrow joining Supergirl for a special night yesterday, the Arrowverse crossover brings excitement and hype to a DC related Universe that is in need of a boost in morale. While, Justice League was exciting with their characters and action, a lot of people seem to be disappointed in the storyline and the CGI components. Well, hopefully this year’s Arrowverse crossover brought a lot of cool and unique looks of a superhero team coming together as one to help soothing your expectations of a team-up in the DC Universe film or tv show.

arrowverse wedding

As we have seen each year, the Arrowverse crossovers seems to get better and better. This year, to me, has not changed that sentiment. As any other comic book fan would, I would get excited over multiple characters across four shows on the CW coming together for the annual big crossover each year. What we have seen so far from Supergirl and Arrow can only get more intriguing as Arrow executive producer, Wendy Mericle, describes it in an interview with THR:

“The biggest surprise will be the emotional component of the crossover. I don’t think anyone is going to see that coming. It’s very much a dark love story. It’s the underpinnings that will make the Earth-X element a real contrast to that. Oliver [Stephen Amell] has a big role to play in it, and it’s bigger and better than any crossover [that] we’ve done in the past. It’s going to be epic.”

Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2

The Flash executive producer Todd Helbing touches base on the main focus of the story among four different shows during the crossover:

“This crossover is so different. Any time you’re trying to keep the narrative going on four different shows, it’s challenging. The Earth-X scenario we put everyone in really played into the story that we wanted to tell.”

Arrowverse team up.jpg

Legends of Tomorrow executive producer Phil Klemmer echoes Mericle’s comments as he reveals what the last part of the four show crossover will show to the audience in Legends:

“You’ll be most surprised that Legends is capable of making our audience cry. I thought last season really leaned into the comedy, and that season three [this year], we tripled down on that. There’s some ludicrous moments. Things get bananas, and yet in this crossover, we have this thing that happens, that will honestly move you to tears.”

Klemmer also praises the talents that the Legends cast brings to the rest of the Arrowverse in terms of the magnitude of this year’s crossover:

[It is] a testament to our actors that they can do this comedic, super-rompy fun show that also has [its] moments of genuine emotion.”

arrowverse team up picture

Klemmer also shared his excitement over the task of fitting almost the entire Arrowverse’s superhero cast on the Waverider in the finale of the crossover:

“You will be surprised to see that we cram more superheroes onto the bridge of the Waverider than [it] is physically possible. I was responsible for writing a scene that had like, 22 people in it, and I had to keep a list just to remind myself who was in the scene. I think we [needed] a wider lens to make sure we can keep everyone in the same frame. It’s preposterous. And then you have doppelgangers, just trying to keep track of who was in the scene and what costume they’re supposed to be wearing was a real math and science.”

This Arrowverse crossover has been so awesome to watch so far. It really brings me back to my younger days with the animated cartoons from Justice League: Unlimited, only this time with live action. I genuinely loved that show during my childhood growing up. I don’t care if others dislike what we get, I am appreciating that fact that we even get this opportunity of good storytelling and action, despite the focus of certain characters getting more attention than they should. I appreciate what we have in front of us with optimism in believing the growth of the Arrowverse on the CW. 

What do you think of the first half of the Arrowverse crossover? Are you excited to see the second half of the crossover with episodes of The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow tonight? Be sure to tweet what you think will happen in the next two episodes by tweeting @SuperBroMovies on Twitter.

Lucas Talbot

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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