RUMOR: Disney Might Be Working Fast To Buy Fox

Talks of Disney wanting to buy Fox died down a while back, but it seems like after those news broke weeks ago they are once again moving to acquire a large part of Fox.


See that up there, that’s the Avengers vs. X-Men, and if this deal happens that storyline could become something we see on the big screen someday. Ever since the birth of the MCU, fans have wanted to the X-Men join the rest of the Marvel superheros. That hasn’t been possible due to 20th Century Fox owning the film rights for the mutants, a new rumor however may indicate that this is actually possible.

The latest rumor comes from Deadline‘s Mike Fleming, who reports that he’s been hearing that Disney is working very hard to acquire TV and film parts from Fox.  Fleming himself points out what he’s been hearing is only a rumor, but it’s one that’s making rounds in Hollywood right now. The basics are that this deal would give Disney the TV and the film studio from Fox,  but they would still keep the sports and news properties.

He also mention that not a peep has been said from either Disney nor Fox, and that we won’t know for sure about anything until it’s officially announced. A deal like this would see a lot of characters return to their home at Disney, which is pretty exciting but there’s a caveat to all of this. Another major studio being bought by Disney is kind of troubling for the industry, with Mickey having an even larger amount of money being made.

What do you guys think, Do you want to see Disney buy parts of Fox or simply let it be?

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Source: Deadline

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