‘THE FLASH’ S4 Ep8 “CRISIS ON EARTH-X” Part 3 Recap/Review

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Part three of the mega DC TV crossover “Crisis On Earth x” is here, and it comes in form of an episode from The Flashs fourth season. The last two parts premiered Monday night, here is our recap/review of them.  This week’s The Flash is certainly not a usual one, so there’s a lot to digest and talk about here.


The last part of the crossover saw most of the team, composed of Green Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash and White Canary among others, stuck in Earth-X presumably left in a concentration camp. While the rest were attacked by Earth-X Arrow and stuck in S.T.A.R. Labs at the main earth. This is all mostly because Overgirl needs Supergirl’s heart to live, because she’s dying due to overexposure to solar radiation.  The other reason is for world domination, but you know it’s the little things that matter. As Reverse Flash prepares Kara Danvers for heart extraction, our heroes must find out out to get out of this and save the world…and Supergirl of course.

As Felicity and Iris prepare to go all John McClane on the Earth-X gang, the main team meet some familiar faces on the Nazi Earth. White Canary meets her father before they are sent to be shot by the soldiers, but they’re saved by Citizen Cold aka Leonard Snart and the Ray. On this world Snart’s a good guy and is rocking some nice shades, while the Ray is the new character being introduced in the crossover.


It’s pretty cool to see the two in action, especially the Ray because of his unique powers.  The scene after that has Overgirl and Supergirl discuss their ideologies, to me it’s one of the most interesting scenes in the whole crossover thus far. I’ll admit I wasn’t a fan Meilissa Benoist’s turn as Overgirl at first, but I think she really shined here. Their differences are plainly obvious and you know who’s the good one instantly, but Overgirl pointing out Supergirl’s flaws actually developed her character a bit.

My interest sort of dipped a bit when we got back to Iris and Felicity team-up story. I get what the writers are doing, turning normally stationary characters into ones that get in on the action, but for these characters I simply don’t care as much as I should.  After that however, we get back to Earth-X and the team meet up with the Freedom Fighters.


The general of the superhero team is Winn, and here he’s a much tougher version of his Earth-38 counterpart. He wants to blow up team Flash’s only way back home, so naturally there are immediate indifferences between them. He has a good point, this is their planet’s only chance of turning the war around so his decision makes sense. Alex Danvers tries very hard to convince him otherwise, but he doesn’t budge. But out of nowhere Ray and Citizen Cold convince him off screen in a jiffy, which to me kind of removes any weight the previous scene had.

Nonetheless, we get back to Supergirl’s heart situation, where Smoak and West do their thing and try to save Kara. It sort of works…until it doesn’t as Metallo gets there in time to stop them.  To me this continued to be the weakest part of the episode, but them hacking into the system to save Supergirl was pretty well done.

Back on Earth-X the team executes their plan, with Oliver undercover as his Nazi Doppelgänger. The plan goes a bit haywire when he’s forced to kill this earth’s Felicity, but he ends killing everyone else instead. The action was intense and well shot, really enjoyed watching Oliver with a machine gun. Everything after this is pure fun and mayhem, truly delivering on what one would expect from seeing so many heroes come together.


Seeing them fight together was awesome, my personal favorite parts were from Arrow himself. The fight between Red Tornado and Flash and Ray was a bit too much cgi and it did look too obvious to me. It was entertaining nonetheless, but couldn’t help feel like the scene was handicapped badly because of the budget. One of the best moments from the episode however has to do with Firestorm. Their storyline in this crossover has been the most personal one yet, and when Stein was shot at the end the score was great. It ended on a cliffhanger, a great one at that.

Overall, it was pretty darn entertaining. It’s my second favorite part of the crossover just behind the first. It has some problems, such as some weak story lines and bad cgi but there’s fun to be had here.

Rating: 7.5/10

What did you guys think of the episode? Be sure to tweet at SuperBroMovies with your thoughts. – Marcos Melendez

The Flash is on The CW every Tuesday 8/7 c.


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