3 Key Skrulls Possibly Revealed For ‘CAPTAIN MARVEL’

With the recent announcement that Ben Mendelson would be playing Yon-Rogg excitement for Marvel’s Captain Marvel is already high. But key details about 3 roles currently being casted in the film may have revealed 3 key Skrulls that will be in the film.

According to a report by ThatHashtagShow Marvel Studios is currently casting for several roles, including 3 that they belive to be Skrulls.

The casting calls are as the following:

[Alpha]Female, 20-49. Fight experience. Dance or gymnastics preferred.

[Delta] Male, 20-49. Must be over 6′ tall, broad shouldered and muscular.

[Supporting Male #2]Male, 35-45,  a chiseled, cocky guy who is large in stature, but not as big as Delta. 

These three roles sound very similar to key Skrulls in the comics. We have come to believe that these characters are the following.


We think that its possible Alpha is actually the Skrull princess Anelle. She is the daughter of the Skrull Emperor Dorrek VII. Given that the Skrulls are to play a huge role in the movie it would make sense for the royal family to be featured. And with the announcement Jude Law will be playing Mar-Vell and Annelle and he had a romance in the comics this casting would make perfect sense.

download (11).jpg

The next casting we are fairly certain about is that Delta is in fact the Skrull Emperor Dorrek VII. Dorrek was at the Skrull throne when the Kree-Skrull war reignited, and given this conflict will feature in the film it makes sense for the emperor to be present. Also, it is important to note that Dorrek was key in the Skrull invasion of Earth and the collection of the DNA of Earth’s heroes which we may eventually see unfold on-screen.


And finally we have come to belive that Supporting Male #2 is actually Titannus. Titannus is notable since he was born without the shapeshifting abilities the Skrulls are known for. So when he went through the Super Skrull project he was gifted incredible strength and a healing factor, but also raged out against his people, causing major destruction before going off-world. On Earth, Titannus took on Earth’s mightiest heroes defeating all including the Hulk. And given Titannus’ assault took place in Japan, where Avengers 4 is known to take place it would make sense for Marvel to introduce the character in Captain Marvel.

And we also believe early concept art for the character was shown at SDCC based on the character description.


As of now though this is all speculation until more details are revealed. But if these characters do so happen to appear in the film, we can guarantee Captain Marvel will be a film to remember.

What do you think, could Marvel introduce these Skrulls in Captain Marvel? Let us know at SuperBroMovies on Twitter what you think! – Jacob Campbell

Source: That Hashtag Show

Captain Marvel hits theaters March 6, 2019

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