Lobo Easter Egg Revealed In ‘SUPERGIRL’

This week the CW aired their huge four-part crossover. With so many memorable moments it was easy to miss a few of the easter eggs scattered throughout the special. One easter egg in particular may be of interest to fans of DC’s main man — Lobo.

The space faring bounty hunter was teased on the first part of the crossover during Supergirl. While Supergirl is fighting an unidentified alien the D.O.E. is trying to ask her what type of alien it is. Winn says the creature came “from deep orbit and is maaad,” guesses it is a Helgrammite. However, Kara’s sister Alex is afraid the alien is a Czarnian. This should excite DC fans as there is only one Czarnian left in existence, Lobo.

download (10)

Lobo has been previously mentioned on the show when the team mentioned an intergalactic bounty hunter who they referred to as “him”. With such an explicit mention of Lobo’s race we can only hope we will eventually see the main man make his way to the screen.

Would you like to see Lobo on Supergirl? Let us know at SuperBroMovies on Twitter what you think! – Jacob Campbell


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