Clark Gregg Talks Phil Coulson’s Future & Ghost Rider in ‘Agents of SHIELD’ Season 5

In a recent interview with, Clark Gregg discussed his character’s future on the show and involvement with Ghost Rider. Warning: SPOILERS for Agents of Shield Season 4.

In the previous season, Coulson made a deal with the Ghost Rider to defeat the life model decoy by having the it possess him. At the end of the season, Robbie Reyes, the host for the Ghost Rider, explained that Coulson is in debt to the spirit of vengeance.

What I would say is the deal he made with Ghost Rider at the end of season four, that debt will come due at some point and I think it just raises the stakes on everything going forward.

Gregg also discussed the future of the team in space:

They’re suddenly thrown into this world that they don’t know anything about, that seems kind of savage. One of the reasons I love this season is I love sci-fi and I feel like we get into a world that has elements of everything from Snowpiercer to Delicatessen and Silent Running and a lot of cool sci-fi like that. So they’re suddenly in a world that they don’t run and they don’t have those kind of powers and have great limitations and they’re separated to a certain extent. So finding a way to reestablish themselves as a team is a big, big part of the beginning.


Agents of SHIELD– Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg, reprising his role from “The Avengers” and “Iron Man” ) heads an elite team of fellow agents with the worldwide law-enforcement organization known as SHIELD (Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division), as they investigate strange occurrences around the globe. Its members — each of whom brings a specialty to the group — work with Coulson to protect those who cannot protect themselves from extraordinary and inconceivable threats, including a formidable group known as Hydra.

Agents of SHIELD returns for its fifth season December 1st at 8 PM EST for a 2 hour premiere.



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