Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy Had Time on its Side

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Much of the criticism on Ben Affleck’s Batman originates with how rushed the projects he participates in seem to be. Nolan however, had plenty of time to develop his take on the Dark Knight. Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy has received critically acclaimed and regarded as works of art, as are many of his films.

While talking at the BAFTA’s, Nolan stated that while he was shooting the Batman movies, that was the last time a director in a studio had the luxury of time. Over the span of 7 years, Nolan directed three Batman movies with Christian Bale playing Batman/Bruce Wayne.

Come 2012, Nolan would direct his last DC film. The next year, Ben Affleck was chosen to helm the role of the caped crusader, which many people were skeptical on. His portrayal of the character has met good and bad reviews. This Batman is apart of the DCEU which is the DC equivalent of the MCU. Their most recent release of ‘Justice League’ has met multitudes of reviews.

Christopher Nolan stays on as producer for many DC films and is getting Oscar buzz for his film ‘Dunkirk’, a story of an event that occurred in WWII. We can expect to never see Nolan direct another DC film but at least his projects will live on. Did you enjoy Bale’s Batman or do you prefer Affleck’s? Let us know over at SuperBroMovies

– JB Baker

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