DayZ Leaving Early Access, Coming to Consoles in 2018

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After years of work and promises, DayZ is finally leaving Early Access and will have a console port. Developer Bohemia Interactive says the team is aiming for 2018. While that’s not very specific, the studio has said they’ve learned from their past delays and really expect themselves to hit the mark this time. Certain things will not make it into the beta release, such as vehicle modification, barricading, planes, and motorcycles.

Lead Producer Eugen Harton said, “Make no mistake: this commitment is done taking all of our previous scheduling mistakes into the account. We’re serious about it. DayZ BETA is not meant to be a feature complete game from our point of view,” Harton said. “It’s a start of a platform that will be extended by us, and can be extended by the modding community … By saying platform, I mean an ecosystem where we are able to keep adding things and building the DayZ community from PC BETA onward.”


It will be interesting to see how the different versions will thrive, especially with mods presumably not being a feature in the console version. Similar game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds also releases into Early Access on Xbox One next week and PS4 sometime in the future. Will it be too late for DayZ by that time?

Source: DayZ Blog

For more: Cole Hickey


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