‘DETECTIVE PIKACHU’ Casts Ryan Reynolds as Lead Role

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If Ryan Reynolds wasn’t catching them all before, he sure is now. The star has signed on to play a role in the live action Pokemon movie alongside Justice Smith and Kathryn Newton. Rob Letterman is helming the project as director and will begin shooting in London mid-January.

Pokemon has been popular amongst people of all ages for quite some time now. People are used to seeing Pikachu as quite the cute species. This movie will take him a different route. This Pikachu is an actual detective who will be played by Ryan Reynolds himself. All that is known of the movie so far is that Smith’s character’s father is kidnapped so they resort to hiring Pikachu to find him.

It is rumored that the movie will include motion capture but many things are still being kept under wrap. Casting has been super secretive as well, making this announcement one of rather larger news. The movie will be distributed by Universal Pictures internationally but Toho will take over in Japan. With the wild success of the franchise from toys, games, shows and animated movies, this new route will be an interesting one.

What do you think of Deadpool himself playing the adorable Pikachu? Let us know your thoughts on it over at SuperBroMovies!

– JB Baker

Source – Hollywood Reporter


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