Major Marvel Character Returns in ‘DOCTOR STRANGE’

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Ever since Stephen Strange lost the title of Sorcerer Supreme to Loki during the events of the current running Marvel Legacy event, Doctor Strange has been battling some different kinds of demons within the pages of his ongoing series.

Loki, the new Sorcerer Supreme, has taken up a romantic relationship with Strange’s former mentor Zelma Stanton and is focused on obtaining an ancient spell dubbed Exile of Singhsoon. After Strange informs Loki that the spell is just a myth, he shifts his tune and reveals that the spell does exist yet it is hidden behind the a door in the Sanctum Sanctorum. A door that Loki cannot open.

Strange reveals that the spell can only be open to whoever has won the heart of Zelma, which in this case is about to be Loki.

In a desperate attempt to stop Loki from acquiring the Exile of Singhsoon, he travels up a snowy mountain and speaks with a man watering his plants who is unhappy to see Strange. This man says that he is not crazy anymore but, after it is revealed that the entire conversation is taking place in the man’s mind, the man is revealed to be SENTRY.

This is HUGE news. The Sentry has not been seen in Marvel Comics in a quite some time so the return is totally out of left field and could stir up nothing but trouble in the already troubling Marvel Legacy.

What will The Sentry do now that he is back? Will be exact revenge on those who have wronged him? Will he help Doctor Strange even after the battles they’ve had in the past?

Doctor Strange #382 is on sale now.


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