‘THE FLASH’ S4 Ep9 “Don’t Run” Recap/Review

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After the colossal crossover episode “Crisis on Earth X”, its back to the main team and storyline on this week’s The Flash. It’s the midseason finale, so naturally a lot happens. The thinker kidnaps Baryy while Katee Sackhoff returns. The show is known for its cliffhangers in the finales, will they do the same this around? Let’s find out.



Did I mention this is a Christmas episode? If not, the episode does a good job of reminding you within seconds. In all seriousness, it’s a good opening with the Flash gang setting up decorations in S.T.A.R Labs. It’s then revealed that Wells, Cisco, and Dibny have been hanging out with Killer Frost. This of course causes Caitlin feel weird, which is a pretty good segway back to the Frost/Amunet story.

While Flash gets abducted by The Thinker (who once again has a stellar scene with his wife), Caitlin Snow is taken by Amunet. Both for different reasons of course, but I thought having these two similar storylines made the episode flow nicely. Caitlin has to fix up a metahuman that was taken, who’s named Brainstorm in the comics due to his telepathic abilities. He’s normally a supervillain, but it seems like they will be taking time to get there.


Barry confronts Devoe as the Flash after he’s locked up in his headquarters. The Thinker really shines here, showing that he can easily outsmart Allen. When Joe and Wells hit up his house, he once again shows just how good he is. I’m not sure if he’s my favorite villain of the show so far, but he’s certainly up there. Even though I could use for more scenes of The Thinker being smart other than saying some complicated lines.

Things even get more tense when Barry talks to Devoe’s wife, as he questions her motives. It’s clear she’s not backing out anytime soon, but I think this may be his way into breaking The Thinker. At the halfway point is the show is doing solid, finally finding the balance between humor and drama. This trait continues with Dibny and Cisco’s feud coupled with Iris West having to make a tough decision as team leader. That last part though is kind of weird, the idea behind it is pretty solid as it’s compelling to see someone have to make a tough decision. But she’s seen as the team leader, something that was established in the first episode, yet I only got reminded of it in this one. I think that’s because the writers haven’t done the best job portraying this so far, it makes this scene a lot less impact-full.

After that, Amunet and Caitlin share a good scene after her failed escape. It peeled a layer from the villain, showing more than just an evil person. Meanwhile, Dibny and Cisco bury the hatchet pretty quickly in time for Iris to make her decision on whether or not to look for Barry or Caitlin. She chooses her friend, so the gang is off to rescue her.

They do and it’s a rather quick scene, just before we get to the good stuff. Barry and The Thinker take a stroll through Central City, and by stroll I mean rub up against every building while flying. The whole sequence is pretty awesome, but the ending reveal is even better.

The episode ends in a Christmas party at the West household, when the metahuman Cailtin saves arrives. He was invited by Caitlin, but there’s another purpose to his character than previously thought. After The Thinker seemingly plunged in the water and drowned, it’s later revealed he actually lived (duh). In fact, not only did he live, but he then transferred his mind to Dominic/Brainstorm’s to body. To add to that, Barry heads home to find Devoe’s old body stabbed in the apartment.

The police arrive shortly, and we get some time to savor the reveal as Barry contemplates in slow-mo as to try to clear up the scene in mere seconds or stay put. He decides to not run, which leaves Barry arrested by the end of the episode. As mid-season finales go, this was pretty darn good. Some missteps here and there, but overall a very strong episode in this very mixed season.

Rating: 7.8/10

What did you guys think of the episode? Be sure to tweet at SuperBroMovies with your thoughts. – Marcos Melendez

The Flash is on The CW every Tuesday 8/7 c.


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