‘The Gifted’ S1 EP.9 “outfoX” Recap/Review


As ‘The Gifted’ leaps towards its last few episodes, the series kicks it into a higher gear than it has before. The newest episode, ‘outfoX’ , starts off where it left off, as the episode starts off with a flashback that shows what we, the audience, learned about last week regarding their joint powers. This episode deals with finding those powers, as well as the  team trying to liberate a bunch of mutants in captivity while erasing and destroying all the research accomplished by Trask Industries. All that being said, our team ends up in a bad place, a REALLY BAD place at that.

Let’s start with the episode as a whole, as the series continues to shine the light on many aspects I’ve come to mention before. The episode was a great one, as not many flaws or faults come to mind. Something I did notice was a lot of ADR in the episode. This is normal for any film/tv show, but this episode was really noticeable and atrocious at that. A minor gripe at that, but if I were to count the times a random voice was inserted in place of the actors’ actual voice and it sounded horrible, the number would be too much. Enough of that little gripe, let’s talk about the ending of the episode.


In the end, we see our favorite duo since Buzz & Woody get captured by Sentinel Services. The heartbreak seen on Kate and Reed’s faces was devastating, as they saw their own kids being taken away through a monitor. You would think the team’s losses end there right? NOPE. They also lost Blink and Dreamer as they were also captured. These things affected the whole plan as Eclipse’s squad couldn’t complete their mission, but hey, at least they weren’t taken.

This episode was yet another great entry in the season, as our favorite mutants are left between a rock and a hard place. The series continue to shine a light on its action set pieces, production value, great characters, and stellar writing, but some sloppy editing detract from the overall episode. –Kenneth Colon

GRADE: 9/10

‘The Gifted’ airs Mondays on FOX at 8/7 ET


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