BABY DRIVER 2 Already In Development According To Edgar Wright

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Although Edgar Wright has never done a sequel to one of his films before, it would be a travesty of justice to not continue the story of Baby and his talent for burning rubber. The story left plenty to build off of at the end of the original film and fans have been clamoring for more from the characters within the critically acclaimed film.

Recently, during an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Edgar Wright shed some light on a potential sequel and and promised that he was already hard at work on at least one sequel.

“Those talks are already in the works,” Wright told EW over the weekend, discussing the possibility of a second Baby Driver film. “The deal is being hammered out as we speak. So, hopefully, I’m going to at least write a second one. I’ve definitely got lots of ideas. Whether it’s the next movie, I don’t know. I’m just working that out at the moment, actually. I have a couple of things that I’ve been developing, and also a couple of new ideas that I had, and all the nice things things that I’ve been offered since [the release of Baby Driver]. I would like to get back on the saddle very shortly, because there was four years between The World’s End and Baby Driver. I don’t want it to be that long again. I would love to have a film out in the next two years.”

Edgar Wright gained a lot of praise with is unique storytelling in the original Baby Driver and created a world full of relatable characters going on extraordinary adventures within real world setting.

What do you think could happen in a sequel? Will Baby and Debora get married and drive and drive and never stop? Which A-List actor will join the fray as either friend or foe? Stick with SuperBroMovies for more on this developing story.

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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