DC Films Shakeup: Needs New Head of Films, Snyder Less Involved, Batman to be Recast After Flashpoint

Variety has provided a report of a restructuring of the DCEU starting in January.

After the critical and financial failure of Justice League, WB is reported to being making major changes to its DC films division going forward.

AquamanShazam!, and the Wonder Woman sequel are still proceeding as planned. Flashpoint is likely to happen as well.

Zack Snyder is supposedly less involved going forward and will remain as more an advisor and producer/executive producer on films. There are no current directorial plans for him, but WB does still have a “production deal” with Snyder.

Ben Affleck will likely return for Flashpoint but Matt Reeves is reportedly searching for a new actor for the solo Batman film. Jon Hamm is rumored to want to replace Affleck. Radar Online reports that Hamm is “desperate for the gig” and thinks he’d be “better suited for the job.” Though the two actors are friends, Hamm believes he could do a better job after critical backlash to Affleck’s two performances.

Jon Berg will leave as header for the DC film division (not necessarily because he dislikes the DC films but more because he has wanted to work with Roy Lee for a while) the of WB and WB is searching for (or has found and not yet named) a new header. Geoff Johns’ position may “evolve” and may “remain more advisory in nature.” Johns and Berg, who both had producer credits on Justice League, likely would not in future films.

The DC film division of WB may change as well to be under more direct control by WB, similar to how Sony and Fox operate with their superhero titles, as opposed to Disney’s “hands-off” approach to the MCU.

WB is very dissatisfied with the response to Justice League, reportedly, but is glad the Flash and Aquaman were introduced, especially with their upcoming solo films.


Sources: Variety and Radar Online

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