Square Enix Announces New ‘Tomb Raider’ Game for 2018!

With a Tomb Raider movie already set to come out in 2018 it looks like fans of the serious are going to be getting even more Tomb Raider. Today on Twitter from the official Tomb Raider account it was announced that Square Enix will be releasing a new Tomb Raider game set to release in 2018.

An interesting little detail from the announcement was that it won’t be long between the official reveal and when the game will come out. It looks like Square Enix is going to take their time to show off the game so that it will basically be ready to launch not that long after.

The game series saw a reboot in 2013 in which the franchise was brought back to life with a sequel that followed in 2015 for Xbox and 2016 for PlayStation and PC. The new game will most likely be the third chapter in this current reboot series and whether or not its a conclusion to this trilogy of games is to be seen.

Are you excited for a new Tomb Raider game? Are you excited we get a new game and movie for this series next year? Tweet us your thoughts on Twitter @SBArcadeCorner Johnathan Brin

Source: Official Tom Raider’s Twitter

The Tom Raider Movie and Game will be release in 2018

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