First Look at Kilgrave in ‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2

The man who can make you do whatever he pleases is returning to Jessica Jones for season 2. Entertainment Weekly has released our first look at Kilgrave in season 2 of Jessica Jones. The picture can be seen below:

We can remember seeing Kilgrave get his neck snapped at the end of season one. He was pretty much dead, so maybe he’s just back as hallucinations. Jessica Jones will be trying to get her life back to as normal as possible post Defenders. This season will be very interesting, especially with Kilgrave returning to some capacity.

We are definitely looking forward to season 2 of Jessica Jones. We will keep guys updated as the information continues to roll in! Tweet us, share the article, stay connected with us guys!

Jessica Jones returns in 2018!

Source: ComicbookMovie 

– Rascal F. Kennedy


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