JOHN CONSTANTINE Returns To The Arrowverse In the Midseason Premiere’s ‘LEGENDS OF TOMORROW’ Trailer

With the introduction of Mallus in this week’s episode, the journey of the Legends reaches to the point where John Constantine will have to return and intervene with their time travel plans.

In the mid-season premiere of Legends of Tomorrow trailer, Constantine is introduced to the team after Sara owes the master of the dark arts a favor for bringing her back to life in Arrow season 4, but before we get to that, Firestorm was another impact in the midseason finale that will affect the 3rd year show. 


Frans Drameh who plays Jefferson Jackson and Firestorm, will no longer be a series regular and also will not return when the show airs in February with a new day and time. With the death of Martin Stein, played by Victor Garber, Jax felt there were too many memories shared together on the Waverider and he felt that it was necessary for him to take on the next adventure in his life and leave the Legends. There will always be a possibility that Jax returns in the future, but that remains to be seen. The character development of Firestorm has come to an end for now as the Master of the Dark Arts takes his place on the Waverider.

It was confirmed that Matt Ryan, who plays John Constantine, would return for multiple episodes in Legends of Tomorrow. With Drameh officially leaving the show, there is room on the Waverider for another guest or two. Constantine is a candidate to stick on.

I loved Constantine on NBC in his one season on the network back in 2014-2015. When Ryan made his return on the CW, I had to think there were bigger plans for Constantine to somehow stick around. I wanted those plans to happen, but they never occurred because Supernatural was around and season 4 of Arrow consisted mostly of magic and it did not fare well. Perhaps it was best to stay out of the the mystical arts for awhile in the Arrowverse at the time. The CW had better ideas in mind and wanted to put plans to make Constantine consistently relevant in the CW Universe on hold.


Now with Ryan’s return in Legends of Tomorrow in 2018, I want Constantine to stick around and become a Legend because Constantine not only brings a big fan base of the character, but he also gives the team an option of how to handle the enemy if they ever have to deal with magic. Constantine also brings the kind of personality that Mick Rory brings to the team, a selfish attitude. I want to see if spending time on the Waverider would help Constantine change his ways about how he approaches life or not. That has to be pretty intriguing story arc there. The interaction between the Legends could do a number on Constantine like it did on Heatwave. Being a part of a family, which Constantine has never really had.

I also love the fact that Constantine felt that the White Canary owes him a favor because Constantine is the kind of character that will bring the traditionally selfish vibe to the team when he needs something from someone else in order to get something he wants. It will be refreshing to see what kind of a wrench that Constantine could bring as the team has really mellowed with each other, even with the addition of Citizen Cold from Earth-X, to adapt to Constantine’s character personality.

Here’s the trailer below to the mid-season premiere of Legends of Tomorrow and the return of John Constantine.

Legends of Tomorrow returns in February with an all night and showtime. It is unknown when exactly that will be. Are you looking forward to John Constantine’s return to the Arrowverse in Legends of Tomorrow? Be sure to tweet to @SuperBroMovies on Twitter!

Lucas Talbot

Source: Entertainment Weekly, YouTube

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