Simon Kinberg May Be Attached To Produce A New ‘STAR WARS’ Anthology Film

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According to Omega Underground, Simon Kinberg has signed on to produce a new Star Wars Anthology film. Kinberg is currently a producer and writer on Star Wars Rebels as well as directing X-Men: Dark Phoneix for Fox. 

OU has learned that the project is not the upcoming Kenobi film, which means it would be a new unannounced project. The also provided a screenshot with additional information about the film:

Screen-Shot-2017-12-09-at-11.12.26-AM (1)

You’ll notice that Lawrence Kasdan is also set to produce the film. Kasdan is known as one of the architects of the Star Wars universe as we know it. He wrote Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, co-wrote The Force Awakens with J.J. Abrams and wrote Solo with his son Jon.

The films working title is currently Tin Can, which isn’t much to go on but does bring to mind a significant project that Lucasfilm seemingly scrapped, Boba Fett. Infamous director Josh Trank was once attached to direct a Boba Fett spinoff before being fired following the debacle that was Fantastic Four (2015).


Could this project be the Boba Fett spin-off? It very well might be but who isn’t say that Lucasfilm doesn’t have another film up their sleeve. Many may point to Rian Johnson’s new trilogy and say it could easily be the first of those but that’s unlikely due to the fact that the film has a working title and it’s currently unknown how far he is into development Johnson is.

Another key piece of this puzzle is Kasdan. He is a veteran when it comes to being involved in Star Wars but he’s talked about taking a step back previously. Following The Force Awakens, it was unclear if Kasdan would return to the galaxy far, far away but Solo brought him back because of his extensive knowledge of the character and his drive to see him done right. So much to the point that Kasdan had significant issues with Phil Lord and Chris Miller on set and was likely part of the reason the directors were let go.

It’s obvious that seeing characters that he had involvement in developing being done right is important to him and who’s a character that Kasdan was the first to write dialogue for? You guessed it, Boba Fett. –Jackson Hayes

Source: Omega Underground


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