Warner Bros. Are Moving Forward With Their DC Films Slate

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Warner Bros. announced their DC movie list that they will be moving forward with at Comic Con Exprience 2017 (CCXP17) in Sao Paulo, Brazil. With the movies they have announced, we could be getting closer to seeing the movies officially go into production while dates have been announced yet. According to Colliderfrosty and The Aquaman Shrine on Twitter:

Cyborg, Gotham City Sirens, Black Adam and Deathstroke were all missing from the list as well as the solo Joker movie, which could take place outside the DC Films Universe. Perhaps they were all not close to going into production yet. It is intriguing to see Justice League Dark on the updated list. The script must be close to being completed and moving forward with the casting and production. Warner Bros. is also indeed moving forward with Flashpoint which keeps the possibility open for the end of Ben Affleck’s tenure as the Batman.

What do you guys think of the DC Films slate? Be sure to tweet your thoughts @SuperBroMovies on Twitter!

Lucas Talbot

Source: Colliderfrosty, The Aquaman Shrine


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