Woody Harrelson Is In Talks To Join Sony’s ‘VENOM’

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It has just been reported that Woody Harrelson is in talks to join Tom Hardy in the upcoming Venom solo film.

According to a report by The Wrap, Harrelson’s role remains unknown at this time. Harrelson’s last role was as the villain in War For The Planet of The Apes and has recently wrapped production as Han Solo’s mentor in Solo: A Star Wars Story. 

Venom is being directed by Ruben Fleischer and is written by Scott Rosenberg. Harrelson has worked with Fleischer before on the hit Zombieland.

Venom is confirmed to be an adaptation of Marvel’s hit story arc Lethal Protector which say Venom and Spider-Man come to a truce and Venom move out to San Francisco. In the series Venom takes on a number of new offspring from the Venom symbiote. So perhaps Harrelson could be playing any number of these characters.

Or perhaps Harrelson could be playing the iconic Spider-Man villain, Carnage. Let us known who you think Harrelson could be playing in Venom at SuperBroMovies on Twitter! – Jacob Campbell

Source: The Wrap

Venom is set to swing into theaters on October 5, 2018


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