Individuals Inside Warner Brothers Reportedly Feel Geoff Johns Demotion Was a “Scapegoat”

As a result of the critical backlash from Justice League, WB seems to be scrambling to restructure DC Films Operations and some inside sources claim that not all these changes are warranted.


Geoff Johns, who  works directly with DC comics and DC President Diane Nelson, and has contributed to DC’s television properties, publishing, and consumer products as DC Entertainment’s Chief Creative Officer, may see his roles in the film industry reduced to an advisory role.

When an anonymous insider at WB was interviewed, they talk of a staff that is angry with the top executives, saying,

“It’s higher up the ladder. Berg and Johns seem to be the scapesgoats, as all issues [with JUSTICE LEAGUE] were execs.”

When asked about Johns, they mention,

“The rollover of Johns is messed up. I think it’s just a lot of us were pulling for Johns to be ELEVATED in his role [Post-JUSTICE LEAGUE], and this kind of came out of nowhere. Kind of putting the blame on John when it was really an executive issue.”

While Jon Berg’s (Johns’ partner)  seems to moving in a lateral motion, rather than demotion, Johns is getting hit with a demotion that many feel is undeserved. Co-workers point out that the success of Wonder Woman can be attributed to Patty Jenkins direction, but without Johns aid and his creative authority, this film would not have been the resounding success it became.

It is a bit too early to see if these changes will be permanent, since they are expected to happen by January.

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Source(s): El Fanboy, Variety

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