‘Deadpool’ Creator Shares Thoughts on Disney/Fox Deal 

Today, Disney acquired Fox in one of the most historic mergers in history. There have been many internet users expressing their feelings about Disney and rated ‘R’ films. Bob Iger has commented on the matter, and he got Rob Liefeld’s attention.

Rob Liefeld is the man that created Deadpool. He is very adamant about how his characters and material are used. He spoke with Comicbook.com, and expressed his feelings about Bob Iger’s comments:

“[Disney CEO] Bob Iger didn’t deliver this unprecedented level of historic success for Disney by accident. This man gets it. He understands the culture and more importantly he understands the concerns of the fans. Addressing the Deadpool issue right out of the gate gets high marks and in all honesty, why would they mess with the success that Ryan Reynolds has achieved as Deadpool? The next person I encounter that tells me they want a neutered version of Ryan’s Deadpool will be the first person to express that to me. So smart of Iger to lay that foundation of trust and I for one am so appreciative. It definitely alleviated a concerned Deadpool base. I can’t wait to see how Deadpool will eventually be inserted into the greater Marvel Pantheon. I’m sure Bob Iger and Kevin Feige have some great tricks up their sleeves. Exciting times!”

He seems very optimistic, and excited. Deadpool 2 is heading to theaters this summer, and sure to be amazing. Ryan Reynolds seems pretty excited about the merger if you’ve seen his Twitter account lately.

They have tackled the Deadpool question, but the other question is how will the X-Men and Fantastic Four fit into the MCU? We will hopefully get a glimpse soon. Deadpool 2, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, New Mutants, Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, and Ant-Man and Wasp are all slated for next year. The MCU just grew in a major way, and it seems like the masses are very excited about the future of the Marvel film franchise.

Are you guys excited about the deal? How do you feel about Disney keeping the rated ‘R’ trend going? Please comment, tweet, share the article! Follow us @SuperBroMovies!

Source: Comicbook.com

– Rascal F. Kennedy

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