Riverdale 2×09 Recap/Review: “Silent Night, Deadly Night”


While last week’s episode focused on a weird “sexy teens” vibe (read our review here), this week’s episode shows how dark this season has truly become in what would’ve been a great episode, but serves as a underwhelming midseason finale. Huge medical bills, family business, Christmas gifts, and a interesting climax made this episode another great addition to what has been an amazing second season. Spoilers follow!


The episode began with Santa Hood (my cool name for the black hood as Santa Claus) with the Cooper family, holding a knife very creepily, but of course this was all a dream and not a reality. We then go to the Andrew house where we learn that Fred’s medical bill is weighing in at a whopping $86,000, do you know how many fog machines this show could buy with that type of money?

The main focus of the episode lies of what Betty and Archie observed at school, which was that Mr. Svenson was not the janitor, instead another man has taken his place. This leads them on a journey that ends with Archie buried alive- well, almost. In what was a climactic ending, Archie and Betty’s investigation leads them to a grave (and to a kiss as well) , in which they dug out the grave and were surprised to not find a body in there. All of a sudden, who shows up? THE BLACK HOOD.


The Black Hood asked Archie to enter the coffin, to which after many denials it took the threat of a bullet to the head of Betty. When Archie finally entered, Betty whacked The Black Hood in the head with a shovel, as she and Archie ran. In what was a tense confrontation between Archie and The Black Hood led to a gunshot, but from… SHERIFF KELLER.

So yes, Mr. Svenson, The Black Hood, is dead, but is he really? At least Betty seems to think he wasn’t. The episode also featured a lot of minor subplots and filler, but the most important one featured Jughead. He finally drove out Penny Peabody and her drug ring out of the serpents and Riverdale, in a moment that showed how much his character has truly evolved.

This episode was REALLY good, but not the season’s best offering. If this were any other episode and not the midseason finale, I would’ve graded it higher, but in terms of creating intrigue and excitement for what’s to come, that’s where it failed. I give this episode 7.5 expensive medical bills out of 10.

Riverdale airs Wednesdays at 8 ET on The CW

Kenneth Colon



2 comments on “Riverdale 2×09 Recap/Review: “Silent Night, Deadly Night””

  1. yes, the episode wasnt Great as we expected and also the Black Hood..cmon they could made him leave the story in a better way (maybe before being killed a conversation with Betty in order to go deep in their “relationship”)
    But this only if he was the Real Black Hood..i’m still confused and suspicious about Betty’s father and the fact that he’s never shown in the story..

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