It seems the world has fallen into a rut. Everyday we turn on our televisions to see countless images of tragedies, heartbreak, and sorrow. It starts to drag on one’s soul to the point where it just gets a little too tough to bear. In this world we live in it’s no doubt we were gonna look for some spark of magic, that thing that’ll just put everything in perspective. And for me that’s what The Bill Murray Experience is. In Sadie Katz directorial debut she tells a story all her own which captures the magic we’re all looking for, with the help of who other than Bill Murray.

In the feature documentary Katz chronicles her own journey as she searches for what she calls a ‘Bill Murray Experience’. After her engagement ends Katz found herself at a loss for inspiration. So in her loneliness she finds herself searching the internet, seeing all these stories of people having magical chance encounters with Bill Murray. It’s from here where the movie takes off and finds its story. During the film Katz takes herself and the audience on a quest to find the legend Bill Murray.

So while I did enjoy the film it was not without its faults. The premise was a bit odd in that it tried to force something that it just can’t. The point of a Bill Murray experience is that it is supposed to happen on its own, which Katz tried to circumvent in this documentary. And while at first Katz intentions seem simple enough, her quest for Murray sometimes borders the obsessed. But nonetheless, the film was still quite enjoyable.

Besides following Katz on her quest for Murray the film features a number of interviews from individuals related to Murray, from his brother Joel Murray to his Stripes co-star, P.J. Soles which give us a great insight into Bill Murray, who is the magic behind this endeavor. Along with the interviews are a number of animated clips which break up Katz’s journey to meet Murray and tell us about other people who have had these once in a life time Bill Murray experiences.

The film while not without its faults is all in all an enjoyable time. It captures that little bit of magic we’re all looking for in our lives. In a world where we all have troubles its good to take a step back, and The Bill Murray Experience does just that. Katz journey to find her Bill Murray Experience is all of our experiences to find that spark of magic in our own lives.

Score – 7.5/10

Review by Jacob Campbell

The Bill Murray Experience is available across VOD platforms globally on December 19th, 2017.

After ending her engagement and finding herself at a loss for inspiration Katz, finds herself up late at night searching the internet. In her loneliness, she keeps clicking on stories of others having magical chance encounters with her favorite actor and life guru Bill MurrayKatz shares with the audience that she finds herself at a loss as to why she needs to meet Bill Murray but, that’s part of the intrigue and pleasure of knowing that secretly we all wish we had a little Murray Magic in our life…which starts both Sadie and the audience on the quest of finding the unfindable and zany Bill Murray.





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