Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek Hires ‘THE REVENANT’ Screenwriter

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“Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek” is a project that a majority of people thought would not see fruition. Can one really blame them? Tarantino has toyed with different projects in the past; some even from his own canon such as Kill Bill Vol. 3. One should also remember that at one point Tarantino himself claimed that The Hateful Eight was never going to get made into film because of the unfortunate script leak. Regardless if one agrees with his decision making style, they cannot deny that the decisions that he eventually does make carry a lot of weight in his career. That can only mean that there is more to this Star Trek project that currently meets the eye.  This film will more than likely be the tenth film (Kill Bill counts as one film) in his cinematic legacy after the release of the summer of 1969 project that he is currently working on. Deadline has just broken the news that Mark L. Smith has been hired by Paramount Pictures for screenwriting duties.

Mark L. Smith


Many might recognize his name from his screenwriting credits on Alejandro G. Iñárritu’s The Revenant. This credit really defines him as a very unique choice not only for Tarantino, but for Star Trek as well. The Revenant relies more on the cast’s emotion linked to their interactions for the script is very light on actual dialogue. Anybody who has ever seen a Tarantino picture knows that his scripts shine through the heavy extensive dialogue. Star Trek is known to focus on dialogue combined with heavy human interactions as well. Deadline also reports that Smith was hired through an assembled writer’s room. Also joining Smith were Lindsey Beer (Chaos Walking), Drew Pearce (Iron Man 3), and Megan Amram (The Good Place). Smith made the greatest impression on Tarantino out of the four. Just where did these two particular minds come into an agreement on where the next cinematic installment of Star Trek should dare to go? One will have to wait to find out with the exciting knowledge that Paramount and producer J.J Abrams have promised Tarantino an R rating. 

Will an R rating work for Star Trek like it did for the Alien and Fox-Marvel films? Creating a balance between keeping the film respectful of the lore while also venturing into new reaches for the franchise is a tough job for Smith and Tarantino. Anything is possible given the right thought and time process. While Smith crafts the script, Tarantino will be working on the ninth film in his own legacy. The production for his summer of 1969 project is set to begin next fall for a 2019 release date. Considering how long it takes for Tarantino to complete one film- Mark starting on the Star Trek script now gives him plenty of time to safely go to where no paid screenwriter has gone before.

Source: Deadline

Stay tuned for more updates on Tarantino’s summer of 1969 film and Smith’s work on the Trek script!- Andrew J. Salazar (@yokis101 on Twitter) 


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