Another Villain For ‘GAMBIT’ Possibly Revealed

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Despite the long presence in development hell and the recent merger of 20th Century Fox and Disney, the Gambit film looks to actually be happening. While we wait on casting, a new character breakdown for a possible antagonist has emerged.

Previous rumors have pointed to X-Men villain Mister Sinister to be the film’s main antagonist, and this new report doesn’t contradict that. In fact, it’s in line with a lot of other character breakdown’s we’ve been hearing for the movie. It appears that the romance between Gambit and Bella Donna Boudreaux will play a major role in the film’s plot, and this new villain ties into that.


Supporting Character (30-40) Rosa’s fiancé, villain with metrosexual charm. Should be physically imposing.

The name “Rosa” is Bella Donna’s code name for casting calls, meaning this character is tied to her. His true identity is speculated to be Donyell Taylor, aka Bandit, aka Night Thrasher. In the comics he and Bella Donna lived together for a time in New Orleans after she and Gambit divorced.


If the codename “Night Thrasher” sound familiar to you, that may be because he’s not the only one to ever use it. Donyell is the half-brother to and sometimes adversary of Dwayne Taylor, the more well-known vigilante who also goes by Night Thrasher. After Dwayne’s death with the New Warriors in the Civil War event, Donyell also took the name for a time. Now Donyell’s inclusion is interesting because the character first appeared in a Night Thrasher comic rather than an X-Men related one. In fact, Dwayne Taylor’s Night Thrasher will be a character on Marvel’s upcoming live-action comedy series The New Warriors.

So it’s questionable if and why Fox would have the rights to this character. Perhaps they replaced him with an original, very similar character, or perhaps this could be the first fruits of the Disney-Fox buyout. The merger will be in effect by the time of Gambit‘s release, so maybe a minor character appearing in the film just isn’t an issue anymore.

Gambit will be directed by Gore Verbinski and will star Channing Tatum. It releases February 14th, 2019.

Weston Sheffield

Source: That Hashtag Show


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