Leaked ‘JUSTICE LEAGUE’ Blu-ray Cover Art May Have Ruled Out An Alternate Cut

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It seems that the Justice League Blu-ray cover art has leaked online, and based on the cover it may rule out the possibility of an alternate cut for the film. The highly anticipated DC film promised the team-up film we had all been waiting for, but sadly it has underwhelmed both critically and commercially. The film is on track to finish its box office run as the lowest earning DCEU film to date. As a result of Justice League’s underperformance it has led many fans to blame Warner Bros. for the film’s failure. After Zack Snyder had to step away from directorial duties during post-production due to personal reasons the studio brought in Joss Whedon who drastically reshaped the film. As a result many have hoped we would get to see an alternate Snyder cut free of studio interference, but based on this cover art we may never see it.

According to Anton Volkov, of TrailerTrack and Yahoo Movies UK, leaked cover art for the film’s Blu-ray release may confirm that the home video release will not offer an alternate cut of the film. Typically mention of an alternate cut would be front and center on the cover art, which as the image above shows there is no sign of it. This does not mean that we will never see an alternate cut of the film as it is not unheard of for studios to release different cuts of the film later on. But for now if Volkov’s image is to be believed, it seems that we will not be seeing an alternate or extended cut.

While this is a bit of a disappointment it is not too surprising as a full-on directors cut was always unlikely. While it would have been great to see Snyder’s vision completed much of the work left on the film was still uncompleted.

How do you feel about the prospect of not getting an alternate cut? Do you wish we were getting a full Snyder cut? Let us know at SuperBroMovies on Twitter what you think! – Jacob Campbell

Source: Anton Volkov


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