Doomsday Clock #2 Review (SPOILERS)

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After last month’s long-awaited first issue of DC’s Doomsday Clock fans were left with a multitude of questions. And after reading the newest issue it is fair to say that you will be left with even more than you had before. The newest issue from Geoff Johns and Gary Frank perfectly captures the dark and bleak tone that made Alan Moore’s Watchmen so unique. But more than that it captures this tone and applies it to the familiar DC universe we have come to know. The new issue gives us a look into where the DC universe will find themselves in a years time and what it has meant for its heroes and villains.


The new issue gives us a look into the past of The Marionette and The Mime, the Harley and Joker esque villains Rorschach broke out of prison in the previous issue. And goes on to hint at why they are of any interest to Ozymandias and his plans to find Doctor Manhattan. But most interesting is how their stories may intertwine with the most powerful superhuman in the Watchmen universe.

Doomsday Clock #2 also saw Ozymandias, the new Rorschach, and their villainous traveling companions travel from their universe to the main DC universe just as a nuclear warhead detonated in New York City. And from here we see Ozymandias and  Rorschach set out to find Doctor Manhattan, who has traveled to this new universe. And the first place they start is by searching for the two smartest men in the DC universe, Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne.

Interwoven with the Watchmen character’s arc are glimpses of where the DC universe will be in a year. We learn from Bruce Wayne that the world has lost faith in its masked heroes they once depended on. And it’s from here that the Watchmen parallels begin to cement themselves as the graphic novel painted a picture of a world where citizens decided they no longer wanted these masked vigilantes taking justice into their own hands.

From here the worlds of Watchmen and DC finally collide as Rorschach breaks into Wayne Manor and Ozymandias confronts Lex Luthor, in a meeting of the smartest men from two universes. Rorschach after breaking into the mansion, and eating Batman’s breakfast, quickly discovers the Batcave where after looking upon the many familiar trophies of the caped crusader begins to see Batman as a monster, just as the original Rorsharche saw so many. And while searching the cave comes face to face with Batman himself.

Meanwhile Ozymandias’ meeting with Luthor isnt proving to be any better, as Luthor has no patience to listen to the other’s story. But nonetheless Ozymandias tells Luthor of how his plan to unite the Earth ultimately failed, dooming his world, which Luthor doesn’t seem to really care too much about. But their meeting is soon interrupted by the one character you never expected to see return.

Ultimately, Doomsday Clock #2 does a great job of following up on the expectations many had after reading the last issue. But it does more in that it finally delivers on its promise to unite the Watchmen and the DC universes. With the questions this new issue has raised I know I cant wait for next month’s issue to hit the shelves.

Rating: 9/10

–  Jacob Campbell


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