New plot details have leaked online from Empire Magazine about Solo: A Star Wars Story and as well as giving some new information on the film, they also point to a different Han Solo than the one we know and love.

The first details describe “A Different Solo”:

Alden Ehrenreich’s Solo may not be the space pirate you know and love. “You have to imagine him in his early twenties,” writer Lawrence Kasdan told The Los Angeles Times in 2015. “What was he like before he hardened up? Before he put on this cynical coat? What got him there?” This is the story of a world-weary wise-ass in waiting.

At first read, I was offset by the thought of a different character than the one we’ve seen, but I’ve since realized that this is probably what’s best for the character and for Alden Ehrenreich. He will be able to make the character his own instead of just doing a Harrsion Ford impersonation, and the audience will get something different than what we’ve been seeing.

Empire describes Han Solo’s training and how he met Chewbacca:

It’s part of Solo lore that, as a young gifted pilot, he studied at the Imperial Academy at Carida. Solo is kicked out of the Academy for rescuing Chewbacca from an Imperial Officer, and thus one of cinema’s great friendships was formed. Some variation on this is likely in Solo. 

Han Solo’s famous Kessel Run has been teased by Ron Howard to appear in the movie:

During shooting additional footage, Ron Howard tweeted a picture of a mine shaft with the caption “Spicey?” This is most likely a nod to the spice mines of Kessel, a galactic prison where inmates mine a precious spice. It also suggests the Kessel Run, the hyperspace route used by smugglers, will play a part.

You can find that image here.

The Millenium Falcon may also look different than how we’re used to:

By the time we see the Falcon at Docking Bay 94 in A New Hope, it has undergone “a lot of modifications” by Solo. Leaked pictures suggest something aking to the Falcon glimpsed in Revenge of the Sith: white with blue markings.

You can see the Falcon’s new look here.

A small part of The Last Jedi (SPOILERS) were the gold dice Luke found on the Falcon and gave to Leia. Many have since speculated we would learn the significance of those dice in Solo:

Of course, the Falcon initially belonged to Lando Calrissian, played here by Donald Glover. Solo won it in a game of Corellian Spike, a variant of the game sabacc using two pairs of six-sided dice. Perhaps Solo will feature a set-piece around this.

We may get a glimpse at some of this in the first trailer which is supposedly coming very soon.


Source – Imgur

Caleb Sadd

Solo: A Star Wars Story releases in theaters on May 25th, 2018.



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