Was Lawrence Fishburne Meeting With Marvel About Reprising Role As Silver Surfer In The MCU

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With Disney’s recent acquisition of Fox many fans have already begun theorizing over which characters from Fox’s Marvel owned properties will soon appear in the MCU. From the X-Men to the Fantastic Four fans are hoping that we will see these iconic heroes stand on-screen with the MCU characters we have come to know. But one such character many have hoped to see soon is the cosmic herald himself the Silver Surfer. But the most interesting point about the character appearing is that many fans hope to see Laurence Fishburne reprise his voice for the character.

Fishburne is not new to the superhero genre, having appeared as Perry White, editor at the Daily Planet, in both 2013’s Man of Steel and in 2016’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Not only that but Fishburne is also set to star as Bill Foster in next year’s Ant-Man and The Wasp. But the actors other superhero role goes back to 2007’s Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, as the voice of the herald.

The rumor first spread of Fishburne reprising his voice for the character in the MCU as a result of some comments made by the actor about a gig the actor had approached Marvel about, but was shut down due to there being “a lot of legal red tape,” That is until Marvel approached him later on about appearing in Ant-Man and The Wasp along with developing a secret project with them. In past interviews Fishburne discussed his secret role which many had come to believe was him talking about Bill Foster, but upon further analysis this doesn’t make too much sense. The actor explicitly says Ant-Man and The Wasp so it wouldn’t have been hard for people to figure out his role, which is why many have come to speculate it may be an entirely different role, one which is said to “change the world.”

The reason many have come to belive this means the Silver Surfer is because of the mention of legal red tape earlier during early discussions. At the time of early discussions Marvel still didn’t have the rights to the Silver Surfer which is why the deal couldn’t go through. But now that the Fox deal is in play Marvel can now pursue the project.

What do you think? Could we see Laurence Fishburne take on the role of the Silver Surfer? Let us know at SuperBroMovies on Twitter what you think! – Jacob Campbell

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