The Flash #37 Review (SPOILERS)

The Flash #37
DC Comics

Written by: Joshua Williamson
Art by: Howard Porter
Cover by: Barry Kitson

“A Cold Day in Hell” part two! The new crime lord of Central City has been revealed…and it’s worse than The Flash ever imagined! Betrayed by a former friend and trapped in Iron Heights prison with no escape in sight—will The Flash be too late to save his city from disaster?


Captain Cold is at it again with the Rogues in part two of a “A Cold Day in Hell”. Last issue had Kristen and Barry investigating the murder of the villain Turbine. It was revealed that the team of villains were taking over the underworld and had to kill the villain in the process with the Trickster taking the blame. As I said in the previous review, the this particular storyline has really interested me as much as the rest. It’s simply another Flash vs Captain Cold & Rogues story that has a few twist and turns.

It hasn’t really brought anything new to the table, as it’s simply the same thing over again; villains using Flash’s “niceness” to their advantage. Although the overall arc has been fine, there’s one aspect that actually took me by surprise and made the characters deeper. While Kristen and Barry are looking for evidence, they confront the Trickster (who’s just a teenager) to ask if he really did it. Come to find out the guards and Wolfe have been beating him up and even took his prosthetic arm away. This had me a bit more invested into the Iron Heights side of things.


It’s Captain Cold vs the Flash once again by the end of the issue, and it could mean many things for the next one. The main thought is that Flash will just once again defeat him, but I would like to believe there’s a better reason to have the two fight again. I think someone will die, specifically one of the Rogues or even Captain Cold himself. The best way to conclude this is have this story really change the status quo for the Rogues, as it would make this feel significantly more important.

In Conclusion:

This issue was ok. The characters have always been the strongest aspects of the series and it remains to be true here. Even if the current story feels too familiar and underwhelming at times. This feels like a road block between the more interesting plots such as Meena and Black Hole or even the Wally/Flash relationship.

Rating: 7/10

– Marcos Melendez


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