New Photos And Details From ‘FANTASTIC BEASTS’ Sequel Revealed

“Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” is one of Warner Bros. most highly anticipated films for the new year. The not directly connected Harry Potter prequel series kicked off last year with great success. Not only did it deliver financially, but it was also met with mostly favorable reviews from wizards and muggles in both the fan and critic community. Not to mention that it won the Academy Award for costume design. It was Harry Potter author J.K Rowling’s first go on writing a tale from her universe but in screenplay format for one feature length film. People anticipating the sequel are not very sure where the future of the franchise is headed. The lead, Newt Scamander has been established as an ace creature researcher. How does his path eventually have him caught up in the fued between a young Dumbledore and a sinister Grindelwald? Thanks to Variety and the studio, there is a new slew of details accompanied by new images to give light to the path of the sequel.

Eddie Redmayne as Newt Scamander
Jude Law as Albus Dumbledore

Jude Law will be portraying the iconic Albus Dumbledore in his youth. The image above shows him leaning on a desk- possibly in his Hogwarts office? There is a line of dialogue in Fantastic Beasts that establishes that Dumbledore is already in a high position at Hogwarts. It is also implied that he has a good relationship with Scamander. The sequel will see Dumbledore recruiting Scamander to find and defeat Grindelwald. The events of the first film are probably what convinces him to seek out Scamander. Will he be recruiting more famous wizards from the lore to stop this threat? The answer is more than likely yes, but more is yet to be revealed.

Redmayne and Law on set
Scamander with Dan Fogler as Jacob Kowalski

Also returning to the playing field is Scamander’s muggle baker friend Jacob Kowalski. The first film ends with him getting his mind wiped from all the wizarding world secrets that he just learned. He accepted his fate and showed his gratituity for being allowed to join the ride. It is very unclear as to how he will be featured in the sequel. Whatever reason it may be, fans can expect to see more of his baking talents somehow come into play.

Johnny Depp as Grindelwald and Poppy Corby-Tuech as Vinda Rosier

Grindelwald will not be alone to face Scamander and Dumbledore. He has a sidekick this time around- the wicked Vinda Rosier. Her costume gives a wicked witch vibe with style. How she first got to join him is still to be seen. Grindelwald will more than likely be his true self throughout this entire film, unlike in the previous film. One cannot really blame him when his hair and face make him stand out in a crowd like a sore thumb.

This adventure to defeat Gindelwald is only starting for there are plenty of more sequels announced. This match up has been hyped up to be one of the most epic rivalries before the time of Harry Potter. The Crimes of Grindelwald will serve as round one to this long battle. Will it be worth it? Wizards and muggles everywhere will know when the sequel releases on November 16th 2018.

Source: Variety

Check back soon for more updates on the Fantastic Beasts franchise- Andrew J. Salazar (@yokis101 on Twitter)

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