David Harbour Has Wrapped Filming On ‘HELLBOY’

When news of the Hellboy reboot broke many fans were upset to hear neither Guillermo Del Toro nor Ron Perlman would be returning. But in the buildup to the film interest in the film has seemed to grow especially after the first images of David Harbour’s Hellboy were released. And now it seems like Harbour’s filming on the reboot has officially wrapped.

Harbour began filming the reboot in the early fall in both the UK and Bulgaria. And recently during an interview regarding his SAG award nomination and Stranger Things Harbour was asked about the film. Harbour admitted it wasn’t easy to film at his age saying,

“It was hard. I’m 40 years old, and I’m running around punching giants.”

It will be interesting to see what more we learn about the reboot as we draw closer to its release. Especially since filming has now wrapped.

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Source: Variety

Hellboy will release on January 11, 2019.

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