Scarecrow Recast in ‘GOTHAM’, Return Episodes Revealed

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FOX’s ‘Gotham’ is a mixed bag for fans. Some enjoy it, and others don’t, one of the main reasons being that the show has deviated and taken its own path away from the source material, yet remaining faithful to core elements. One thing the show is known for is for some pretty major recasting. One instance revolved around one of Batman’s more known rogue, Poison Ivy. Actress Peyton List just recently replaced Maggie Geha, who had replaced another incarnation of the villain, which was portrayed by Clare Foleyin. ‘Gotham’ is set to do this yet again, as one of Batman’s more known foes is set to return and be recast, this being Jonathan Crane, A.K.A Scarecrow.

A new exclusive by That Hashtag Show revealed a new casting call for a character named Jonathan Crane, better known as Scarecrow to fans. The casting description reads:

[JONATHAN CRANE] Male, Early to Mid 20s. Caucasian. After being dosed with a fear toxin developed by his late father, Jonathan Crane was paralyzed by fear, until he learned to turn that fear on others. Dressing up as a scarecrow, he now uses home-made fear toxin to terrorize Gotham. Erratic, terrifying, and psychopathic, he no longer identifies as “Jonathan Crane,” preferring to go by his true name — “Scarecrow”…. RECURRING GUEST STAR, ALSO APPEARS IN EPISODE 417 & EPISODE 418

Not only does the casting description provide the evidence showing that the character is being recast, it also shows when you can expect to see Scarecrow in a T.V near you. This is provided in the last line of the description, mentioning his return for episodes 17 and 18.

This marks a return to the series for the character, as he has had multiple appearances in the show, but in different instances. One saw him in season one in the form of Gerald Crane, Johnathan’s father. The other instance saw him in Gotham’s fourth season as Jonathan Crane (played by Charlie Tahan). It appeared that he was set to have a big role in this season but later disappeared after the second episode. His return marks yet another villain set to come back, as  Jerome & Poison Ivy are set to return to ‘Gotham’ this season as well.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you excited to see Scarecrow recast and yet another ‘Gotham’ character being interpreted by multiple actors? Let us know at @SuperBroMovies.

Kenneth Colon

SOURCE: That Hashtag Show

‘Gotham’ airs Thursdays on FOX


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